The Time Of Jacobs' Ladder

I've been looking through some old It Is Written Oceania videos and found this one, the very first episode uploaded to Vimeo way back in July of 2009. It's hosted by Pr Gary Kent, but presented by Shawn Boonstra, from It Is Written International at the time and now the speaker/director for Voice of Prophecy .

This episode is based around the life of Jacob, from the time he tricked Esau into handing over his birthright, through to the time he returned to face the consequences and wrestled with God. It's talking about trying to do things on our own rather than trusting God to do what he promises to do, and then subsequently having to face up to the consequences of our decision and actions.

The synopsis reads:

Have you ever had to face up to something you did and were not sure you had the strength to go through with it? Today we're going to look at someone who faced that very situation and we're going to see what that means for you as we head for the climax of history.

Not bad for an early episode I reckon, and definitely a valuable message!