Preview: Dr Ben Carson Interview with It Is Written Oceania - Taking the Right Risks

I first came across Dr Ben Carson when I was quite young. His first book, "Gifted Hands', was published in 1990, and I must have been around 10 or 12 when I read it. It was the inspiring story of a young boy who had a lot of problems and grew up in a disadvantaged home. With the love and support of his single mother and God, he became one of the world's most recognised neurosurgeons, specialising in paediatric neurosurgery and successfully reintroducing the hemispherectomy. He also successfully separated conjoined twins who were joined at the head. I loved his story and found it so inspiring to work to the best of my ability in whatever I put my hands or mind to.

Since Gifted Hands, Dr Carson has written a number of other books including Thing Big, The Big Picture, Take the Risk, America the Beautiful, and most recently, One Nation. I've not read the two newest ones yet, but like his first book, the others I've read have been inspiring and I have learned a lot in my own life and relationship with God from the object lesson that is Ben Carson's life.

I recently had the opportunity to work with It Is Written Oceania when the team filmed a new interview with Dr Carson while he was in Australia for a fundraiser. Unfortunately I did not get to meet him, but in assisting to edit, review and transcribe the interview, I have learned even more. This interview with Dr Carson ties in very well with his book "Take the Risk" as this interview looks at how to decide which risks are the right ones to take and should be taken, and which ones shouldn't. Risk is a tough topic, so I really recommend reading Dr Carson's book and watching this episode to help you work through any risks you are struggling with.

You can watch it on the It Is Written Oceania website here: Interview with Dr Ben Carson

You can also watch a preview clip below:

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