Hearts at Home - Free E-Book by Pr Gary Kent

Hearts At Home E-Book

It Is Written Oceania has just released the e-book "Hearts at Home" as a free download through their Facebook page .

Hearts at Home is all about family and relationship development, the tagline actually reads "Building Solid Families in a Shaky World".

The basic concept is that we are designed to need people, and with so many problems in the world today, we need healthy relationships more than ever. The e-book is intended to work in tandem with the 5-part "Hearts at Home" television series that deals with divorce, single parenting, communicating with teenagers and living alone.

The ultimate goal: Learn keys to building healthy relationships and effective, positive communication and understanding in the family.

You can download the e-book by going here and liking the page, and you can watch the episodes that it ties in with by going to the links below:

  1. Being Married to Me
  2. A Hole in the Family
  3. Listen to the Children
  4. I Can't Talk to my Teenager
  5. Single and Whole

I haven't read it myself yet to comment, but I have watched the episodes and they are quite good. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the e-book if you read it!