Nazareth USA

I just heard Nazareth speaking on JCTV in his new special "Free To Laugh". He is a really funny guy and is really a great preacher.

In the JCTV programming guide the description on his programs is:

"Nazareth is the funniest man this side of the Pyramids." You'll think so too when you see Nazareth in his new special, "Free to Laugh," right here on JCTV!! Get ready for side-splitting fun and laughter as world-class comedian, Nazareth pulls out all the stops in this 40 minute special, right here on JCTV!! Forget about all that potty mouth junk on regular TV, this stuff is way funnier AND family friendly. No need to compromise and turn a blind eye to crude jokes here, this is clean comedy at it's finest!! So tune in to JCTV January 4th and 5th and don't miss it!!!

Born in Israel and growing up in Kuwait before moving to the USA, Nazareth has some very interesting experiences to share and presents them along with the important message of salvation in such a unique and funny way. It's refreshing to hear his unique style of humour that you don't have to turn a blind ear to, none of his humour is crude and it is down right hilarious.

If you can, have a listen to some of his sermons, he really is very uplifting to hear preach.